What is special about Giovannacci coffee?

We are offering high quality craftsmanship coffee. This means that We follow the whole supply chain, from the choice of the green beans, to roasting and packaging. From the beginning We chose to work with small farmers all around the World, from Africa, South and Central America and Asia. Because our coffees are hand-picked, we are able to get beans with a very precise maturation level that automatic harvest machines can’t reach. This means that all our beans have the correct flavor, without defects in terms of maturation, color, size and shape and this is very important to have an excellent cup. All our beans come from the highest coffee growing regions, from Brazil in 1100 mt to from Ethiopia in 2000 mt. The altitude of the plantations is very important on flavors because from 1000 mt upwards You can feel aromas like cocoa, from 1500 mt to 1750 mt the beans develop fruit flavors and from 1750 mt to 2000 mt the beans develop flowers flavors very interesting and fine for real coffee lovers who search something special. This is our quality and this is what We want to search in coffee. Beans with great flavors, aroma and taste.

What philosophy do we have?

We choose the best qualities from small plantations all over the World, where working families like us, work with passion and love. Our coffees often come in grain pro bags, especially in jute and organic bags with a new technology which better maintain the humidity and the flavors of the beans. This results in higher quality for us. After choosing the best beans, we blend them with knowledge, awareness and skills developed over the time and through generations, from our grandfather, to our father and then us. All coffees have different features, like different acidities, flavors, aromas, densities. You have to know how to roast them to have a well-balanced cup. We roast coffee on demand, with the best technology roasting machines like Petroncini and Coffee Tech Engineering, maintaining an artisanal roasting. We always check all our coffees before and after the roasting. This is how We do our work. -WITH PASSION - LOVE - KNOWLEDGE AND SKILLS.

Why are we doing it?

We are doing this because it’s our passion, it’s our life. We were born in a family where, from an early age, every occasion was to talk about coffee. We are doing this because we want to show you the taste of a cup from passionate craftmanship, you can’t compare with coffee you can find on the market. We are doing this because on our packaging, you can find our surname. And what We love more in the World is our Family, and for this We want to respect her name, working with the highest quality coffees on market. We are doing this because We love this. In every bean there is our history, our passion, our love, our family.