About us

The Checker is passionate about coffee. For him, coffee is not just a pick-me-up, but a means of enjoyment. Top coffee quality from Austrian and international small roasters.

Best coffee quality approved by the Checker!

The Checker has drunk a lot of coffee - a lot of good coffee, but also some not so good coffee. But who can tell me how coffees differ in quality? How do you get excellent coffee quality? Where can I find it and how can I find the perfect coffee for me? Questions upon questions that quickly gave rise to an ingenious idea: Selected coffee specialties from Austrian and international roasters, approved by the checker and just a click away.

Check the bean for appearance, aroma and taste!

Welcome to the bean check! The Checker tests all coffee varieties he comes across, regardless of brand. The beans are tested for their appearance, aroma and taste. If the quality requirements of the checker are met, the cooperation with the roastery begins.

Serving the best coffees to mankind!

All coffees you will find at wwww.coffeechecker.com have been tested and evaluated by several Coffeecheckers. So you can be sure that only the best coffees make it into the store. What now? Now it's your turn! From fruity single origin filter coffee to strong organic espresso - have a look at our selected coffees and find the best one for you!

No idea which coffee? Don't worry, we'll check it out for you! Just write us anoffice [at] coffeechecker.at (subject: Check%20mir%20den%20besten%20Kaffee) ( E-Mail) or call us +436704076308

The Coffeechecker team is looking forward to meeting you!