Speciality Coffee Moka Tasting Pack

Whole bean Whole bean

100g Modoetia - Brazil, India, Ethiopia

Process: washed

Aroma: nuts, raspberry, dark chocolate, full body

100g Mantiqueira Roxo - Brazil

Process: natural

Aroma: milk chocolate, walnuts, honey

100g Kirindera - Congo

Process: fully washed

Aroma: lime, tomato, lime blossom honey

100g Maduro - Costa Rica

Process: honey

Aromas: amaretto, candied oranges, dried plums

100g Karii - Kenya

Process: washed

Aroma: bergamot, sichuan pepper, blackberry


Fancy Stuff Speciality coffee
Country of origin Brasil & India & Ethiopia & Kongo & Costa Rica & Kenya
Aroma From finely spicy to delicately chocolaty to freshly fruity - everything you need!
Preparation method Moka pot

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