Speciality Coffee Filter Tasting Pack

Whole bean Whole bean

100g Bambia - Zambia, Batian

Process: washed

Aroma: Rosehip, Blood Orange, Blackberry

100g Arturo - Honduras, Llempira

Process: natural

Aroma: Blood Orange, Grapemust, Pampelmuse

100g Mahiga -Kenya

Process: washed

Aroma: Tomato, Chinotto, Golden Sirup

100g Genova -Colombia, Castillo

Aufbereitung: washed

Aromen: yellow Grapefruit, Fuji Apple, Pine Nuts

25g Frevo - Brazil, Laurina

Aufbereitung: semi-carbonic maceration

Aromen: Strawberry Grape, Passion Fruit,  Yoghurt, Maraschino

Variety 100% Arabica, Speciality coffee
Country of origin Sambia & Honduras & Kenya & Columbia & Brasil
Aroma The finest fruit aroma
Preparation method Drip brew pot

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