Mountains of the Moon

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Particularly intense aromas of red berries and pronounced sweetness with nuances of caramel and chocolates make Mountains of the Moon well suited for filter preparations. With mild acidity and bitterness, this coffee has a lighter body.

Nice to know

The name Mountains of the Moon comes from the snow-capped Rwenzori Mountains, where the coffee from Uganda is grown.

The fairly traded green coffee comes from the Bunkozo cooperative and is grown organically under shade trees. The cooperative, with a high proportion of women (83%), has made it its goal to offer impoverished, isolated families destroyed by war a new livelihood through the cultivation of coffee.

Roastery Hainisch
Fancy Stuff Organic
Country of origin Uganda
Aroma milk chocolate, malt
Preparation method Drip brew pot & Moka pot & Portafilter

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