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A full-bodied blend with low acidity and balanced bitterness, perfect for the mocha or filter pot. Modoetia has particularly well-balanced notes of nuts and fine chocolate in the aroma.

Nice to know

Modœtia is the first roman name of Monza (the city where Paolo lives and was born). According to Pablo this is the blend made for the Italian market.

Paolo has dedicated this blend to his mother Damiana. This is the reason why you can read „As Damy likes.“ on every package.

Brewing Recipe

Water Temperature: 92° C

Ground coffee: 16 g (double shot)

Ratio 1: 2,5

Pre-infusion: 4 seconds

Fancy Stuff Speciality coffee
Country of origin Brasil & India & Ethiopia
Aroma Nuts, Raspberry, Dark Chocolate, full bodied
Preparation method Moka pot & Drip brew pot

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