La Paz

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For lovers of dark roasts, this mild Single Origin is certainly a little unusual, as the multi-layered, delicate taste can almost be compared to black tea. But for filter fans, the light roast is perfect - it brings out the extremely fruity, complex aromas of sweet honey and fresh berries and the radiant acidity.

Nice to know

This coffee can be traced back to the finca (farm): Borbón, Castillo, Maragogype varieties are grown at an altitude of 2000 - 2100m on Finca La Paz.

By the way, La Paz means peace, which fits well with the round, balanced character of the coffee.

Roastery Espiritu
Variety 100% Arabica
Country of origin Columbia
Aroma Berries, Honey
Preparation method Drip brew pot & French press

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