Kirindera Congo

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With its balanced acidity and bitterness, this full-bodied single origin from Congo is perfect for the portafilter or mocha pot. Kirindera Congo has particularly well-balanced, sweet aromas of lime honey and fruity, fresh notes of lime.

Nice to know

Within the Virunga National Park Coffee Programme, coffee farmers grow high quality coffee in a sustainable way. In this programme, a cooperative was also established to enable women to grow coffee and thus build a livelihood for themselves and their families. One of the first coffee washing stations of this cooperative was Kirindera.

Brewing recipe:

-Water temperature: 91° C
-Ground coffee: 18 g (double shot)
-Ratio 1: 2.2
-Total brewing time: 24-26 seconds

Variety 100% Arabica, Speciality coffee
Country of origin Kongo
Aroma Lime, Tomato, Linden Honey
Preparation method Moka pot & Portafilter

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