Espresso Alessandro

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Espresso Alessandro, a unique blend consisting of four high-quality Arabica varieties, including a perfect variety from Colombia and the extravagant Robusta varieties "Inda Parchement" and "Inda Cherry" form a rich and creamy espresso. Espresso Alessandro is an excellent basis for Latte Macchiato, Caffè Latte and Cappuccino.

This coffee is carbon neutral. Caffè Gemelli respects the environment. That is why we try to save resources and reduce emissions through active measures such as sustainable electricity production through PV, conversion to electric vehicles, avoidance of packaging and use of sustainable packaging materials. All emissions, which we are currently unable to avoid completely, are offset by a reforestation project in the Amazon. More information is available at

Roastery Caffè Gemelli
Variety Arabica & Robusta Blend
Country of origin El Salvador & Guatemala & Mexico & India
Aroma Chocolate, Jasmin
Preparation method Portafilter & Moka pot & Fully automatic machine

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