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This Speciality Coffee from Brazil is characterized by a pleasant nutty note, underpinned by delicately melting chocolate and a hint of lemon in the finish. Due to the medium roast, the acidity is very pleasant and the bitterness well integrated. The pleasant residual sweetness gives the complex Single Origin from Brazil Mogiana a plump, round character.

Brewing Recipe

Aeropress (Inverted Method)
Ground coffee: 18g medium coarse
Water: 200ml 94°C 
Total brewing time: 2:10 min

Fun Fact

The color scheme of Golden Eagle's labels reflects the nuances of flavor hidden in the coffee. 

Fancy Stuff Single Origin, Speciality coffee
Country of origin Brasil
Aroma Cacao, Almond, Lemon, Sugar Cane
Preparation method Moka pot & Portafilter & Drip brew pot

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