Unbound coffee roasters


What is special about UNbound coffee roasters?

With our third wave coffee, roasted in Tyrol, you experience a new variety of flavours. Speciality coffees from all over the world, gently roasted and always fresh. Our coffee beans are traceable back to the farm and we use packaging without aluminium. Social justice is a matter of course for us, which is why we also employ people with disabilities. The development of our coffees is inspired by the things we love:          Travel | Nature | Adventure
You always wanted to know how coffee is roasted? No problem - come by and dive into the world of specialty coffee. Mixing, roasting and packing, here we still do everything ourselves. 

What is our philosophy?

Our company's own "TRACE BACK TO FARM" seal offers you the highest possible transparency. Every bean can be traced back to the farm. We will tell you the locations that lead as close as possible to the farms. For example, our Plum Crazy - Panama (8°48'31.6 "N 82°27'24.6 "W) and our Nutty Butty - Brazil (18°59'04.8 "S 46°16'55.3 "W) come from a single farm. The coordinates will lead you right there.

Why Trace back to farm?

We have a great interest in ensuring that people and the environment are not harmed. Missing information always offers the possibility to fool people. Everything that is not openly communicated can be exploited by others. Consequently, everyone else pays the price, from the workers in the fields to you, the consumers. In our opinion, openness, transparency and honesty, together with the interest and curiosity of consumers, are the only effective measures for a better and fair future. Once it is disclosed WHAT, WHERE and HOW is produced, those involved in the value creation process can no longer afford to cheat.

Unbound coffee roasters