What is special about the Röstwerkstatt?

The Röstwerkstatt is a micro-roastery and we roast specialty coffee from all over the world. It is our concern to bring out the aromas from the bean through roasting and thus achieve the best taste.
Thanks to our close cooperation with Santa Cristina (El Salvador) and Brazilian Coffee Company (Brazil), we have around 20 types of green coffee in stock, where there are sure to be varieties for you. 
And the good thing is: almost all of our varieties are directly traded!

What is our philosophy?

We get many of our coffees directly from the farmers and refine these beans for your best taste. A sustainable relationship with the suppliers is just as important to us as with our customers, and this includes an exchange of information between roaster, farmer and customer.
And we think everyone has the right to good coffee that tastes good. Good coffee can also be drunk in an office or a workshop.

Why are we doing this?

Because coffee as a product fascinates, tastes and inspires us. And we want to share this enthusiasm. And every Ohhh..., Ahhh... and Mhhhm when enjoying a cup of coffee from the roasting workshop makes us particularly happy.