What is so special about natural coffee?

Nowadays it is difficult to get a high quality coffee. Therefore, we do not only pay attention to first-class quality in our coffees, but also to transparent origin and professional preparation.

What is our philosophy?

Good coffee doesn't just begin in the cup, but already during cultivation. We only use high-quality Arabica varieties from the best coffee-growing areas in the world. Slowly matured, hand-picked and gently processed, the result is coffees of the highest quality. Through loving long-term roasting they finally develop their full, unique aroma.

Why do we do this?

Our roasting master Christoph Hellermann comes from Salzburg and is a trained brewer. He found his vocation in coffee roasting. The SCAE-certified barista and head diploma coffee sommelier attaches great importance to the quality and sustainability of his coffees. Origin and production methods should be comprehensible and transparent for the customer. The health aspect also plays an important role for us. During the roasting process, we work with a lot of love, dedication and sensitivity to extract the full aroma from the noble beans.  In addition, we have made it our business to impart coffee knowledge and give gourmets an understanding of the various ways of preparing coffee. Visit us in the roasting plant for a cup of coffee - you can experience coffee with us.