What is special about Mamakee?

We are a Mamakee team and we are also a family, in the direct sense. This company is purely a family business, founded by enthusiastic coffee lovers. We enjoy drinking coffee, talking about coffee and trying different coffees everywhere we go. So it's no surprise that this love of coffee is more than just a hobby for us. Mamakee Coffee has become a matter of the heart for us and we have the ambition to help you find your perfect cup of coffee with us.
You are probably wondering what the word "mamakee" stands for? The answer is simple - this word is made up of the first letters of our names.

What is our philosophy?

We buy the beans directly from a coffee farmer's representative, without middlemen. For example, we have a partner from Colombia - where our current delicious single-origin coffee comes from. As you can imagine, there is so much delicious coffee in Colombia that there is a temptation to make a selection based on the best cups of each variety, to skim the cream, so to speak. But that is not our approach. Rather, our goal is to build long-term partnerships with private farmers.  The existence of incentive programmes is very important to us, as such projects help to improve the quality of life of the farm workers, the equipment and thus the grains themselves. To continue with the example of our Colombian partner - it is a best example of a sustainable farm, with fair wages, health care, social security, education and transport for the workers. The farm even has its own primary school! This is the path we want to continue on. As we move forward, we will share more about the social incentives Mamakee supports.
For us, there is only one way to roast really good coffee: with a lot of love and time. That's why Mamakee coffee is roasted in a drum roaster. The drum roasting is done in small batches and with a lot of attention. All your senses are involved in this magical process: you listen carefully to the crackling of the husk, you judge the colour of the coffee beans and, of course, you smell the aroma of the freshly roasted coffee beans. Drum roasting is a complex and demanding process. But the effort is worth it, because the aggressive chlorogenic acids that irritate the stomach wall are optimally broken down. Roasting takes place between 180 and 220°C. The rotating roasting drum roasts the coffee beans evenly without burning them. Compared to industrial hot air roasting, the drum roasting process is gentler and the roasting process can be monitored and individually adjusted to the beans.

Why are we doing this?

The recent pandemic situation has forced us all - intentionally or not - to slow down a bit. At first it felt unfamiliar and alienating - to be thrown out of the crazy hamster routine we had every day. However, the good thing was - we know it sounds cliché, but - the appreciation of the little things came back into our lives. One of the best examples of this would be a cup of coffee that we held in our hands. As we held that cup of coffee in our hands (many times a day!), we started to ask ourselves: what and who is behind it: how does this whole chain work, who are the people and their social circumstances, what journey does a coffee bean make to end up in our cups? Diving into the topic somehow brought the right connections - the right people to build a partnership and the first steps to create a product. The universe spoke: do it! And that's how Mamakee coffee was born. We have the first products, made possible by great, hand-picked stakeholders and our dedication to our values.