What is so special about Maika coffee?

We, the Maitz family, run a small but very fine coffee roasting business in the province of Styria. This region is also called "Steirisches Vulkanland". There, where culinary delights meet gentle hills.

What is our philosophy?

"Roasting fine coffee in our own small manufactory"- Why not, we said to ourselves and started to deal with the subject of coffee intensively. However, many days, weeks, no, even seasons passed before we could produce the first coffee.

Why are we doing this?

In 2016 we fulfilled our dream. Our small roasting plant was built step by step. Intensive days drove us from the construction site, to the green coffee, packaging, brand development and many other stations. In 2017, the roasting plant was rebuilt. An innovative shop in shop concept was created.
But every single effort was worth it.
Today we are standing in our small roasting house and can dedicate ourselves to our passion.