Inndie Beans


What is special about Inndie Beans?

We roast our beans on a traditional way. Coffee is our passion. What originally started as a hobby about 15 years ago has now grown into our own company within a few months. This, and the many positive feedbacks from our customers, motivates us strongly to continue.

What is our philosophy?

We combine the old craft of coffee roasting with modern technology. This helps us to combine the advantages of the traditional roasting process with today's technical equipment. Our coffee is roasted very gently at about 220 degrees. A separate roasting profile is created for each of our beans. This enables us to produce consistently high quality for our customers. Because the freshness of the roasted beans is extremely important for a good result in the cup, we roast in smaller batches every week. This means that the customer gets a coffee that is no more than one week old.

Why are we doing this?

We want to establish the Italian coffee culture in our country too. But for coffee to taste the way it does in Italy, it is very important that the emphasis is on quality rather than on profit and quantity. This applies to the selection of raw beans, roasting, but of course also to storage and preparation. These are the values we want to convey with our company.

Inndie Beans