HMC - His Majesty the Coffee


What is special about HMC?

His Majesty the Coffee is dedicated exclusively to high quality coffees from a single source and aromatic blends made with some of the finest beans in the world.

These particularly exquisite coffees are called Specialty Coffee. Speciality Coffee describes the quality of green coffee and the concept that special geographical growing areas and microclimates produce coffees with special taste profiles.

SCA has developed an evaluation system for the quality of green coffee, in which the coffee is evaluated physically and sensory. The physical check is carried out, among other things, by selecting defects. The coffee is sensory evaluated in so-called "cuppings" (tastings) on a scale of up to 100 points.

Coffees with a Cupping Score of 80 points or more are considered speciality coffees.

What is our philosophy?

We are constantly searching for ever higher quality standards along the entire coffee chain, from seed to cup.

For our team, quality is of utmost importance. That's why, after roasting and testing, we sample each batch of beans in a cupping. In this way we ensure that they meet our highest quality standards.

Why do we do this?

The founder Paolo Scimone has a complex personality, his spirit is always focused on innovation and his soul, with all its creativity and tradition, is rooted in Italian soil. He and his staff devote time every week to research and development.

The passion for England and the royal family is already evident from our name, but beneath the surface a pure Italian heart beats in our chest. 


HMC - His Majesty the Coffee