What is special about Hainisch Kaffee?

The basic principle of our coffee is a digestible, full, genuine and natural coffee taste. For us, this includes not only the highest coffee quality but also a fair world of coffee. With our speciality coffee, therefore, you get perfect coffee enjoyment and social compensation for a fair world of coffee at no extra cost. 

What is our philosophy? 

The reflection on old values and production methods is just as important to us as the social innovation of a new cooperation with coffee-growing countries. Honestly roasted freshly and carefully according to old craft traditions in a drum roasting process, this is one of the secrets of excellent coffee. In addition, in order to significantly increase the quality of the taste, the coffee is also hand-picked before and after roasting in our small family roasting plant. We appreciate and love fairness. Therefore, we cool the coffee after roasting without the so-called "splashing and vaporizing of the beans". Fairness is also important for us in our cooperation with coffee-growing countries. That is why the purchase of HAINISCH KAFFEE automatically supports a social project in the coffee-growing countries in the areas of education, health or infrastructure. Because we firmly believe that there can be a fair world of coffee and have been trying to make our contribution to this since our roasting plant was founded. 

Why are we doing this?

To make coffee a pleasure again is our passion with which we dedicate ourselves to our passion for coffee. We love full-bodied, pleasant and long-lasting coffee taste. We also have a historical responsibility to fulfil, since it is believed that the first coffee was roasted and drunk on Austrian soil in southern Burgenland, probably almost 500 years ago.