What is special about Goldschmidt coffee?

We are a small, handcrafted, organic-certified family business - we started with a bakery back in 1897 and in 2002 we added a coffee roasting facility.

Perhaps you have already read about us in the delicatessen guides À la Carte or Falstaff/Gourmet, in which we have been listed among the best producers for several years, as well as currently!

What is our philosophy?

Our demand on ourselves and our products is a continuous, qualitative development. Personal discussions with our customers are part of this development: on the one hand, because it is always interesting and informative to meet people who share the same passion and, on the other hand, because it is important to us to communicate that our roasts do not contain any chemical additives or preservatives! 

Why do we do this?

The green coffee beans are roasted in a drum roaster using a traditional and therefore gentle process. This means that we allow the coffee to develop its full aroma and obtain an excellent, low-acid taste! The basis for this are selected, high-quality green coffee suppliers from Africa, Asia and South America.