Golden Eagle Speciality Coffee


What is special about Golden Eagle Speciality Coffee?

Golden Eagle Speciality Coffee stands for high-quality specialty coffee from sustainable cultivation. Through mature roasting profiles, we succeed in bringing out flavor nuances that you never thought possible before. Like every human being, every coffee bean is different and shows different facets and tastes, so it is our goal to get the individual maximum out of every bean to put a smile on the faces of our customers.

What is our philosophy?

For us, coffee is more than just the morning wake-up call. This wonderful fruit holds a variety of tastes and preparation possibilities and so we have made it our goal to make specialty coffee accessible to everyone. For this reason we offer different degrees of roasting:

Light: Here we roast very Nordic, our Light Roasts are specifically for followers of the Third/Fourth Wave movement and are perfect as a lively filter or tangy espresso.

Medium: Here we try to achieve a symbiosis of both worlds and combine the best of both - we also call our Medium Roasts beginner's drug into the world of specialty coffees. 

Why are we doing this?

Our roastery was born out of our personal love for coffee beans. We didn't want to settle for what was already on the market, and for that reason we decided to roast sustainable coffee the way we envision it. As Golden Eagle Speciality Coffee, we are committed to making this taste experience accessible to everyone - because everyone deserves to have a smile put on their face by their cup of coffee.

Fun Fact

The color of our labels reflects the nuances of taste hidden in the coffee.