What is so special about Espiritu coffee?

We, Gustavo Quintero, grown up as the son of a Colombian coffee farmer, and his family, bring high quality, fairly produced, Colombian, 100% Arabica, single-origin coffee, affordable and not at the expense of the producers, as directly from the farmer. Direct trade - a reasonable extension of fair trade, where quality is the main focus and the farmers still get paid 2-4 times more.

Only ripe coffee beans are harvested by hand and dried in the sun. Our main focus is on storage in a finca-clean environment for not too long. The coffee only waits days for the next production steps and processing.

What is our philosophy?

"Coffee to stay"...good coffee & good attitude to life!
The well-being of our farmers and producers is as important to us as exclusive quality for our customers.
Nature is also important to us - in all our growing areas you will find a variety of animals and plants, typical for Colombia's small fincas, which we protect with our sustainable coffee cultivation.
We largely refrain from organic certification of our coffees (in our opinion the additional financial expenditure is not necessary), as we know our suppliers personally and control them according to our own quality characteristics. In this way we can ensure that our coffee delivers what we promise.

Why do we do this?

This is a dream, the dream of a little Colombian boy. It was born during the many hours of planting coffee, tending to the little trees, harvesting the small red coffee beans and finally transporting the full, very heavy sacks of coffee on foot. Many kilos, many kilometres, a lot of time!
After I had not drunk any Colombian coffee for years, my sister sent me a coffee from our family finca. I was immediately overcome by a pleasant feeling of home. This unique taste I grew up with evoked many memories. One of them was my dream as a little boy while working on our finca.
So we set ourselves the goal of preserving and developing the smallholder structure in Colombia, in particular our own coffee-producing family finca, and we also want to give our customers an understanding of Colombia's unique coffee variety.