Caffè Veloce


What is special about Caffè Veloce?

We have created a brand the brings together two powerful passions: great coffee and fast vehicles! Such vehicles, both cars and bikes come from an analog era, where vibrations, heat, steam and noise were vital signs, were expression of power. The same goes for coffee: a visceral experience that forces water through finely ground coffee beans: a hellish journey that unleashes heavenly flavours! In both of the worlds that our brand brings together (coffee and speed), all of your senses are inundated, that is why the connection with Caffè Veloce runs so deep.

What is our philosophy?

We took the very best of Italian roasting tradition, but added all the benefits of modern technology, such as great quality control and amazing consistency, so that you can fall in love with your first cup of Caffè Veloce and feel the very same excitement over and over through the years.

Why are we doing this?

We believe that passion is one of the strongest driving forces in human life, therefore by creating a brand that leverages on two very strong passions (coffee and speed!), we managed to create a strong bond with our customers, whom not only adore our coffee, but feel a strong connection with the lifestyle our brand embodies. Furthermore, being personally profoundly in love with both coffee and speed there’s an authenticity in everything we do, there’s no room for “marketing” bullshit (pardon our French!).


Caffè Veloce