Coffee Starter Set

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Coffee Starter Set

Everything you need for brewing coffee, tested by Coffeechecker, could soon be moving into your home. 

The Coffee Starter Set

Bialetti espresso maker

This 3-cup espresso maker from Bialetti is probably the most famous coffee maker in the world. With this stylish jug you can make delicious, aromatic espresso and save some space in the kitchen.

Ceramic hand mill from Bialetti

The Bialetti hand grinder is perfectly matched to the Bialetti espresso pot and can be operated in seconds. With the integrated measuring cup you can easily calculate the portion size and if you have made too much espresso, just be happy about it.

Espresso Giuseppe

For the perfect coffee luck naturally the suitable coffee is missing beside the machine and a grinder. For the Coffee Starter Set we were looking for a coffee that is perfectly suited for preparation with the espresso pot. Thereby we tested ourselves through all espresso coffees in our store. In the end the decision was not easy. The Alpine roast from Unbound Coffee roasters, the Arabica from the coffee roasting company Maika and the Espresso Giuseppe from Caffè Gemelli were all three perfectly suited for preparation in the espresso pot. To be honest, in the end, it was all decided by lot. 
Espresso Giuseppe is an excellent blend of four Arabica varieties. The selection of the beans and the separate roasting of each province in the drum roaster makes the taste very digestible. In the espresso pot, the taste of the espresso blend is shown to its best advantage and is ideal for those who enjoy strong aromatic coffee.

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